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A Blood donation camp was organized in the premises of Avadhoot Bhagwan KushtaSevahram at 4 PM under the divine blessings of President Aughad Gurupad Sambhav Ramjee ,marking the partcipation in the campaign against corruption led by Shri Anna Hazare.Around One Hundred one(101) Sarveshwari Sainiks donated the blood. The blood donated will be utilized for the volunteers taking part in the Anti-Corruption Movement led by Shri Anna Hazare. It was requested to the India Medical Associated,Varanasi to utilize it for the Indian soldiers if it goes unutilized for the volunteers in the Anti-Corruption movement. The Founder President Parampujya Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramjee has mentioned the significance of Non-Violence in his Ashirvachans. On this occasion a small meeting(Gosthi) was organised where the orators discussed their feelings against the spread corruption and chanted the national slogans. The event was marked with the huge participation of the motivated ladies and gents. The in-house leprosy patients also participated in the event in the support of Anti-Corruption Campaign and shouted slogans against corruption

“Jai Guru Dev”

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